The Deluxe edition is completely identical to the Professional except some feautures are disabled. In fact, the installation file for PROFESSIONAL and DELUXE are completely identical down to the last bit. The unlock code that you use to register the program tells HICSOAP whether to provide all the features (PROFESSIONAL) or disable some (DELUXE).

The features in PROFESSIONAL that are disabled to create the DELUXE edition include

  1. Networking: Users on different workstations can access the same database simultaneously.
  2. Direct Network downloads from biometers - the IOL MASTER (Zeiss) and LenStar (HAAG STREIT)
  3. Integration with Compulink EyeCare version 9.00 or higher.

So except for issues pertaining to these features, you can follow all the support pages listed under PROFESSIONAL for your DELUXE installation.

How to upgrade from Deluxe to Professional.