Change Log

There is a brief changelog for each release so you can see what has changed. A screenshot of those from March 2017 is shown below. You can see the changelog for current releases by going to the downloads page.

Changes from 2015.1005 to 2015.1203

New: Added OD/OS Corneal Astigm Axis and Incision in the SOAP selection criteria

New: Added Lenses: 'SN60Dx', 'MicroF28091', 'PodFT28091Tx', '573Tx', '623Tx'

Fix: Popup message could hide under the Splash screen and appear dead

Fix: Disabled Wang/Koch warning by default. Old behavior still available via a checkbox in the program settings

Fix: Problem with surgeons renamed from example surgeons

Fix: Under some conditions, program would 'refuse' to close

Fix: Minor accuracy issues in the Toric Post-Op calculator

Fix: Unable to open database from multiple instances (introduced in 2015.1005)

Changes from 2015.0918 to 2015.1005

New: Added 'OU with flipped OD' and removed OU in the SIRC display

New: Lens 'SA60WF' added in the database

Fix: Problem with the toric calculator introduced in version 2015.0914

Fix: Lenstar import of PostOp data did not include K2Axis

Fix: PreOp SIRC was incorrect for PreOpK-PostOpRx

Fix: SIA Axis allowble range changed to 0..359

Changes from 2015.0914 to 2015.0918

Fix: Problem with the toric calculator (introduced in 2015.0914)

Changes from 2014.1210 to 2015.0914

New: Added new lenses (AMO ZKB00, ZLB00 and LENSTEC SBL-3)

Fix: Updated dioptric range for SN6AD1

Fix: Export bug (zeros for empty fields)

Fix: Bug when Radii is entered in post-op records

Changes from 2014.1216 to 2014.1218

Fix: Bug in SOAP excluding all cases with some bad (0) data

Fix: Bug in SOAP excluding all cases without US AL

Changes from 2014.1215 to 2014.1216

Fix: Added PreRK Avg K on the screen and Printout.

Fix: Changed dioptric range for 'Trulign BL1UT'.

Fix: Database Repair was failing when patient/preop errors were detected.

Changes from 2014.1213 to 2014.1215

New: Added new lenses (AMO ZKB00, ZLB00 and LENSTEC SBL-3)

Fix: Database Restore may fail (Backup does not have a problem).

Fix: Program fails to start for some large databases (1211 bug)

Fix: Option to merge duplicate lens procedure.

Fix: Crash when entering Temporal SIA greater than Superior (Setup)

Fix: Changed Adjusted K to Alternate K

Fix: Fixed spurious unlock message

Changes from 2014.1211 to 2014.1213

Fix: Program fails to start for some large databases (1211 bug)

Changes from 2014.1210 to 2014.1211

Fix: Option to merge duplicate lens procedure.

Changes from 2014.1113 to 2014.1210

Fix: Crash when entering Temporal SIA greater than Superior (Setup)

Fix: Changed Adjusted K to Alternate K

Fix: Fixed spurious unlock message

Changes from 2014.0926 to 2014.1113

New: Added MBI lenses

Fix: Program crash when a new lens is added to the surgeon list

Fix: Incorrect message about database being corrupted

Fix: Crash after a database repair

Fix: Fixed incorrect label for US* and Opt* PLC

Fix: Switched from 2-center to 1-center equation

Fix: Disable editing of example surgeons

Changes from 2014.0926 to 2014.1011

Fix: SOAP calculations would not use all requested cases.

Changes from 2014.0818 to 2014.0926

Fix: Crash when cases with SIVC are used for personalization

Fix: Adding or removing surgeon constant would not be reflected in the IOL Calc.

Fix: Round off discrepancy in the toric preop and toric postop.

Fix: Re-enabled PLC+ (disabled in 2014.0818)

Changes from 2014.0607 to 2014.0818

New: Improved PLC optimization

Fix: AL adjustment for Pseudophakic eyes did not work

Fix: Cleanup up Pre Op pathology screen.

Fix: Fixed discrepancy in the post-op Ideal Placement

Fix: Restore for first time run would fail.

Changes from 2014.0522 to 2014.0602

Fix: PLC did not ignore previous RK, Lasik, ...

Fix: Improved SOAP RK, Lasik selection usability.

Changes from 2014.0509 to 2014.0522

Fix: Wang/Kock was not enabled for previous RK or Lasik.

Fix: Added LRI checkbox in the SOAP selection criteria.

Changes from 2013.1231 to 2014.0509

New: Wang/Koch correction for long eyes.

Fix: Soap prediction error printout bug.

Fix: Display the proper toric lens name in post-op and back-calc screens.

Fix: Fixed crash in the toric back-calc screen when post-op cylinder was too large.

Fix: The toric optimizer sometimes would miss 'zero' crossings.

Fix: Crash with ill-former Lenstar export

Fix: Small discrepancy in the SRK-T formula.

Changes from 2013.0907 to 2013.1231

New: Added Option in Advanced Settings to disable PLC+

Fix: Problem with the remaining astigmatism for toric calculations

Fix: Dioptric range for Softec HD

Fix: Post Op toric calc residual refraction

Fix: Added Toric data in the soap export

Fix: Toric Optimizer for OS now selects incision closer to temporal

Fix: Fixed typo (introduced in ver 2013.1230)

Changes from 2013.0604 to 2013.0907

New: Added Softec HDO lens

Fix: Several lenses had overlapping ranges

Fix: Deleting a preop exam in patient locator tab makes patient info in the upper bar of preop exam tab disappear.

Fix: Duplicate entries in the Procedure pull-down list in the surgeon lens settings.

Fix: After a lens report is printed, Preop Pathology changes are not saved in the database.

Changes from 2013.0601 to 2013.0604

Fix: Added Optical constants for Trulign BL1UTxxx

Changes from 2013.0331 to 2013.0601

New: Added the ZCT400 (4.00D Cyl power)

New: Added B&L BL1UT toric lens

Fix: PDF button did not work in the SOAP screens

Fix: Double importing of empty Lenstar records

Fix: Problem creating toric lens before entering dioptric range

Changes from 2013.0110 to 2013.0331

New: Added option to include outliers in the SOAP reports.

Fix: Added US* and Opt* PLC options (US* is using the Opt PLC and the AL diff).

Fix: Patient export header alignment problem.

Fix: Bugs introduced in withdrawn version 0327

Changes from 2012.1201 to 2013.0110

Fix: Alternate K screen would not enable the OK button for printed records (1201).

Changes from 2012.0828 to 2012.1201

New: Post Op import for Lenstar/IOLMaster

New: Warnings when printed records that are already printed

New: Timeout to exit data entry screens to avoid accidental data change

New: Added B&L lens enVista

Fix: Added Post-Op data in the Toric post op report

Fix: IOLMaster empty record would always show in the list

Fix: Keep backups for 90 days instead of 10 days

Fix: Added message when aphakic/pseudophakic data is missing

Fix: Added procedure in the csv export record

Fix: Fixed incorrect preop toric report title

Fix: Unable to remove “Print Inverted text on the Toric report”

Changes from 2012.0609 to 2012.0828

New: Added Oculentis lenses Lentis L-312, L-313, LS-313 and L-402

Fix: Unable to generate PDF files for patients that have '/' or '\' in the chart number.

Fix: Unable to generate post-op PDF files.

Fix: Avg/Adj K are printed properly for OS

Fix: Print/Pdf in pre-op screen now prints the IOL report without the lenses.

Fix: Added technician to the reports

Fix: Added sample printouts to the manual

Changes from 2012.0517 to 2012.0609

New: Added HOYA lenses 250,251,351T

Fix: Iol and Toric printout did not have OS astigm.

Changes from 2012.0418 to 2012.0517

Fix: Toric printout would occasionally crash when one eye had incomplete K's

Fix: Under some conditions, new database creation would fail.

Changes from 2012.0105 to 2012.0418

New: Generate PDF files

New: New Option to print one page per eye for toric calc.

New: Added Astigmatism field in the toric screen/printout

Fix: IOLMaster patients with ' in their name would crash the program.

Fix: Losing Alt-K values when measured avg-k is selected

Fix: (Ver 2012.0105 Only) Backup not working for files open by another instance.

Fix: BackCalc and Sirc Printing problems.

Fix: No popup printing dialog with the File/Print menu.

Fix: Excessive CPU use under some conditions.

Changes from 2011.1029 to 2012.0105

New: New Method for post-op toric back-calc.

New: Added lens AR-40M

Fix: Printing garbage for some missing variables (AvgK, etc).

Fix: Lens view messages when attempting to change manufacturer.

Fix: Lenstar import would abort on a bad patient record.

Fix: Allow adding obsolete (*) lenses to the surgeon lens list

Changes from 2011.1005 to 2011.1029

Fix: IOL Master import from .csv file would skip the OD K's.

Fix: Added 0 toricity for toric lenses

Fix: Sometimes would print an incorrect number of pages

Fix: Unable to import example patients.

Changes from 2011.0703 to 2011.1005

New: Post Op Toric Back Calc

New: Preop toric optimizer for different temporal/sup SIA.

Fix: Bifocal power calc missing.

Fix: Several lenses had incorrect material

Fix: Unable to add lenses with a trailing star ('*').

Fix: Lenstar import would abort, if any patient was incorrect.

Fix: Patients could be entered in the database without DOB.

Fix: Example patients loading would cause startup problems.

Changes from 2011.0615 to 2011.0703

Fix: Toric Optimizer bug when Refractive index is not 1.3375

Changes from 2011.0410 to 2011.0615

New: Toric Calc Optimizer

New: Added new toric lenses (SND1T2-5, SNAT2-9, SNDT2-5)

New: Ability for users to configure Toric Lenses

New: Improved Lens search screen (Toric Option)

Fix: Printing bug/sulcus for Pseudophakic eyes was missing

Fix: When piggyyback lens was fixed to 0, the lens list would show N/A for Holladay2.

Fix: Added Vertex and Refraction Index to the SOAP export data

Fix: SOAP Formula Analysis was using incorrect PLC to calculate statistics

Fix: Performance Improvements.

Changes from 2011.0402 to 2011.0410

Fix: Crash when lenses had no dioptric range.

Fix: Incorrect label for Optical PLC.

Fix: Not saving LRI status in the surgical record.

Changes from 2011.0319 to 2011.0402

New: Allow changing of optical constants

Fix: Incorrect Toric residual refraction

Fix: Printing bug/sulcus for Aphakic eyes was missing

Changes from 2011.0305 to 2011.0319

New: Additional options (OD/OS/OS mirrored for SIRC graphs)

Fix: Missing lens range bug (introduced in 2011.0305)

Fix: User entered Optical constants were removed on lens update

Changes from 2010.0918 to 2011.0305

New: Toric IOL Calculator.

New: Documentation page (MainMenu/Utilities/Documentation)

New: Added New Lenses (Crystalens AO, Softec HD)

New: Support for importing from IOLMaster 500.

New: Optical lens constant automatically calculated by adding 0.2mm to the US constant

Fix: Support for importing patient gender from Lenstar

Fix: Prevent editing lenses (except user untered lenses)

Fix: SOAP Sirc graph minor bugs.

Fix: Fixed Lens material for SoftecI and SoftecII.

Fix: Added additional checks to prevent importing incorrect K values from IOLMaster

Fix: (Ver 2011.0227 Only) Optical MFG ACD generated from U/S was adding 0.12mm

Fix: (Ver 2011.0227 Only) Backup not working for files open by another instance.

Changes from 2010.0821 to 2010.0918

Fix: Problem with PLC+ with a lot of 'bad outcomes' - post op refractitions worse than 3D.

Changes from 2010.0624 to 2010.0821

Fix: Problem with importing some older standard HIC data (try 2).

Fix: Auto select HolladayR when appropriate

Changes from 2010.0619 to 2010.0624

Fix: Problem with importing some older standard HIC data.

Changes from 2010.0605 to 2010.0619

New: Ideal toricity is displayed/printed per lens.

Fix: Backup failed when multiple instances using the same database (bug introduced in 2010.0605)

Changes from 2010.0313 to 2010.0605

New: Support for HAAG-STREIT Lenstar.

New: Added Lens Tecnis ZMB00

New: Easier registration for non-admin users (Win7 and Vista).

Fix: Default surgeon selected formula was not used.

Fix: Problem with Adjusted K for newly entered preop records.

Fix: Fixed optic material for lenses AR40e 13.0 and AR40e 13.5

Fix: Minor bugs and improvements.

Changes from 2010.0116 to 2010.0313

New: Improved the startup dialog to let unregister users select professional or deluxe.

Fix: Under some conditions the program would not start.

Fix: Removed '????' from unspecified VA

Changes from 2009.1107 to 2010.0116

New: Added PLC+ for lenses that use the Enhanced Holladay2 algorithm.

New: Added new lenses

Fix: Post-Op K's are now optional

Fix: Add additional error checking to prevent crashes when Internet is blocked

Fix: Added better message when the database is locked and does not have proper permissions

Changes from 2009.0912 to 2009.1107

Fix: Toric Phakic IOL calculations

Fix: Unable to view lens properties for old (*) lenses

Changes from 2009.0907 to 2009.0912

Fix: PLC was never used when preo pathology was checked (bug introduced in 2009.0822)

Changes from 2009.0822 to 2009.0907

New: Added which lens constant is used for calculations (US or Optical)

Fix: Compatible with Windows 2000 (bug introduced in 2009.0822)

Fix: Problem with backup (bug introduced in 2009.0822)

Changes from 2009.0502 to 2009.0822

New: Added Keratometer Refractive Index

New: Added Color coding of missing/incorrect(red) or optional fields(yellow)

New: Allow disabling multiple instances of the application

New: Detects incomplete starts and offers option to repair/restore the database

New: Added warning for multiple keratometes

New: Added more options for Bifocal lens calc

Fix: Validate IOLMaster lens constant values

Fix: Problem with Alternate K calculations

Changes from 2009.0425 to 2009.0502

New: Added Alcon Lenses SN6AT3, SN6AT4 and SN6AT5

Fix: Fixed comments for lenses SN60T3-4-5 and SA60T3-4-5

Fix: Erroneous popup message the first time you move from the preop to IOL screen.

Changes from 2008.1101 to 2009.0426

New: Lenses for 2009.

New: Integration with Compulink EyeCare version 9.00 or higher.

Fix: The 'Back Calc and 'Sirc' buttons did not work.

Fix: Back-Calc and Sirc was using the oldest post-op - now uses the newest.