Sometimes customers have difficulties downloading our program. Complaints include

  • "I have attempted downloading the new version from your website. The "downloads" page never comes up. so I cannot download the newer version."
  • 'Why can’t I download the latest version? The download doesn’t load"
  • "I'm trying to install on another server, but the download site just says, "Loading". Is there a problem with the page? I have tried from a couple of computers and have the same issue."

It's not clear based on your inability to download what the cause of the problem is. Most of the time, though, it is security software (anti-virus, web filtering, firewall, etc) installed on your computer or network that is blocking your ability to download.

Possible Solutions

  1. Disabling the security software
  2. Using a different web browser. For example, use Google Chrome instead of Firefox or Edge instead of Chrome.
  3. In some cases, using a direct download link like the following which is current as of December 12, 2017 - HICSOAP ersion 2017.1030 - will work.
  4. And in some cases, it's necessary to download from a different physical location like at home or a starbucks and then transfer the download using a USB flash drive.

Domain Names

Our main website is but the downloads are hosted on Sometimes the download website being different causes confusion.


There are many places security software can be installed - server, network router, computer, etc. When the problem is security software installed on your computer then you can temporarily disable the security software or add our sites (http*://**, http*://**) to your exclusion/white list. If the problem is network or server based then your IT person could whitelist our sites. Here is an example of an exclusion list in my personal anti-virus program.

Good luck!