There is no integration with EMR systems. You can print reports to a PDF file and import them for the Doctors to review. You may need to upgrade to newer version of PROFESSIONAL to get the integrated PDF functionality since older versions don't have it.

Going Paperless

Many of our USERS have gone paperless with their EMR’s. Here is what you need to do.

On the bottom of every SCREEN is a “PDF …” button that allows you to PRINT THE SCREEN to a PDF FILE. The two Screens you will be printing the most will be the 1) PREOPERATIVE SCREEN and 2) IOL CALC SCREEN . When you click the PDF button a “SAVE AS” Screen appears hat PROMPTS you for a name and is already filled in with the Patient’s Last Name, First Name, ID#, Date of Birth and the Name of the Report (in the case below IOL for IOL CALCULATION) and the SAVE IN allows you to place this in any FOLDER on the NETWORK THAT YOU DESIRE. All EMR systems will have a PATIENT FOLDER, which is where you want to put the PRINTOUT. You may create an additional Folder under the Patients Folder that has IOL CALCS.

So, after you have done this, all you will do is click “PDF …”, SAVE and then you are done. If you want to PRINT a HARD COPY for SURGERY of the IOL CALC PRINTOUT you simply click PRINT, as you have done in the past.