Holladay 2 Formula

The phrase "Holladay 2" refers to a mathematical formula that Dr. Holladay created. In addition, this is also commonly used to refer to HICSOAP (Holladay IOL Consultant and Surgical Outcome Assessment Program). This dual use of the term is sometimes a cause of confusion.

Some biometers incorporate the formula into their software. But having the formula does not mean that it has the HICSOAP program.

The IOL Master 500 & 700 have Holladay 2 Formula ONLY which is in the INSTRUMENT. The IOL Consultant Software cannot be loaded on the INSTRUMENT as it does not have an accessible Windows Platform.

The LenStar has a Windows Platform, so HICSOAP is loaded on the Computer with the Instrument. They do not have access to the Holladay 2 Formula unless they have the Software. The LenStar has the Software pre-installed on the Computer so that the USER can use it as a TRIAL VERSION for 30 days with a new unit. HOWEVER, sometimes they get a DEMO VERSION which was licensed to LenStar and they are supposed to buy a new License. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and Sharon does not catch it until the Update to a new version.