Network Connection Problem

If you are having difficulty importing from the IOL MASTER or configuring HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL to import from the IOL MASTER then I recommend using WINDOWS EXPLORER (not Internet explorer) to access the appropriate shared folder over the network. The folder will be something like \\Iolmxxxxx\Export where xxxxxx is a number which varies with the device. Using Windows Explorer, double click that IOL MASTER computer and you'll be prompted to login. If you can login then you know that your workstations is correctly networked with the IOL MASTER and you can proceed to trying to configure our program, HICSOAP PRO, to use this connection. Or if you are having difficulties importing, you will know that the problem is not a problem with the networking.

Our program "rides" on top of Windows networking. So if you can't get the required connectivity to work using WINDOWS EXPLORER, then it doesn't make sense to try doing it with HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL. Instead you should consult your network administrator and IOL MASTER technical support.

If you know the name of the IOLMASTER computer on the network - it will be something like Iolm34567 - then you can type it into the OPEN FILE DIALOG box preceded by "\\". So in this example, you would type \\IOLM34544 in the FILENAME box and then click OPEN.

Different Networks/Subnets

It is possible for the IOL MASTER and the HICSOAP workstation to be on different subnets but it requires a network IT consultant to appropriately configure your routers and relevant computer firewalls. As mentioned above as soon as Windows/File Explorer on the HICSOAP workstation can access the shared folder on the IOL MASTER computer, then HICSOAP will be able to also and therefore able to import the data.

Some points

  • Windows 8 changed the name of WINDOWS EXPLORER to FILE EXPLORER. So it's FILE EXPLORER ... not WINDOWS EXPLORER in Windows 10.
  • When you map a network drive or connect to a shared folder on another computer, you are prompted for the username and password. On the dialog box where you enter the username and password there is a check box labeled "remember login information". Failing to check that box will result in the network connection failing to work in the future. If you aren't aware of this it can be confusing when your network connection to the IOL MASTER "magically" fails in a day or two.
  • Sometimes the NETBIOS name of the IOL MASTER, e.g. \\IOLM34576, doesn't work and you have to use the IP address, e.g. \\ This, of course, would require configuring the IOL MASTER with a static IP address OR configuring your DHCP server to always hand out the same IP address to the IOL MASTER - this can be done via the MAC address of the IOL MASTER.
  • The network adapter on the HICSOAP workstation requires the SMB protocol and TCP/IP v4.