EyeSuite Configuration

Here are some screenshots showing the configuration of the Eyesuite software to export data so that HICSOAP can import it.

In most cases, you just need to configure an automatic export. The only short coming with that is that it is not retro-active. So if you have patients that you have already measured that you want to export then you need to also configure a manual export.

Please note that the export is configured under Biometry Exports and not under IOL Exports.

Automatic Export Configuration

Manual Export Configuration

Using Manual Export

To use Manual export, look for the icon that is chosen in the toolbar setting when looking at patients data in the Eyesuite program. In the "Manual Export Configuration" screenshot above, I chose an icon that looks like a glass of beer. Once you find the "beer" icon, you simply click it and the patient's data is exported to the Output folder (in this case, c:\HolladayII) as a small text file.