Cannot open database

HICSOAP is running on at least 1 other workstation and you have the database stored on the server in a shared folder or mapped drive letter. After installing HICSOAP and running it you click to open the database directly but then HICSOAP complains that it can't open the database or that it doesn't exist. To fix this...

  1. Get the new installation of HICSOAP up and running with a blank/empty database. When you start it the first time, click to create a new database in the default location (c:\HicSoapPro\data\HicDatabase.hdf). Get Hicsoap unlocked and verify that the expiration date in the upper right-hand corner of the MAIN MENU is accurate. Open and close Hicsoap a few times to verify that it is happy and stable.
  2. Reboot all associated computers especially the server.
  3. Verify that the user on the new computer has read/write access to the database file on the server and the folder in which it resides. A quick way to do that is to try to save a NOTEPAD file to that folder.
  4. If there is another workstation where HICSOAP is working then
  5. Either completely disable security software (which you would obviously need to turn back on later) or configure them with an exception for the HICSOAP data folder.
  6. On the new installation of HICSOAP change the default database from the new/empty database to the actual database on the server.