Does Not Exist

When you start HICSOAP, it prompts asking if you want to create a new database or choose an existing database. You chose to connect to an existing database and then you get the error message, DATABASE FILE DOES NOT EXIST.

This usually fixes it...

  1. When you start the program, it prompts asking you if you want to create a new database or connect to an existing one. Click to get the program up and running with a new, blank database.
  2. Open and close the program a few times to verify that it is happy.
  3. Then start the program in administrative mode (right click icon and click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR) and then manually change the database to the the database file on the server. MAIN MENU -> PROGRAM and SURGEON SETUP -> ADVANCED tab : first setting allows you to change the database.
  4. Close and open the program.
  5. Verify what database file is being use. MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> look at PATIENT DATABASE FILE in upper left hand corner.

If that doesn't work then I would verify file permissions, disable security software, repair the database from another computer, and verify that all installations are running the same exact version.