Repair - Duplicate Lens Procedures

It is important to do a database repair on a regular basis especially in a networked situation. After doing a Database Repair (MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> REPAIR) you see

This happens because a lens was added twice to the Lens list for a Surgeon with the same Lens Procedure. In current versions of HICSOAP it's not possible to do that. By saying yes, you are acknowledging that the 2 different entries of identical lens and lens procedure in the Active Lens list are in fact identical and there is no reason to consider them as different and to go ahead and merge them into one lens entry.

The only thing this possibly affects is the PLC lens calculation for that lens. The only conceivable way that clicking yes could result in problems is if the user of the program used 2 different identical lenses in a different fashion. We have never seen this in real world usage.

Adding a lens with a different procedure code

If you want to add a lens twice to your list then the second time it should have a different procedure code. This lens - procedure code combo will have its own separate PLC.