When you open HICSOAP the wrong database opens or it asks for which database to open - it doesn't just open the database that you want. Here are things to consider when trying to fix this problem

  1. When Hicsoap starts it opens the default database. The default database can be changed and configured.

  2. Are you using DATABASE -> OPEN DATABASE? If so that is the problem. please read this.

  3. The database that is configured to be opened by default is saved in the Window User's profile and not in a database server. So every time a Windows user wants to use HICSOAP for the first time, HICSOAP needs to be configured (told) what database to open. This is especially problematic in the context of servers (Citrix, Terminal, RDP). You can't change this fact but you can understand that it happens and account for it in your planning.

  4. You can specify the database to open on the command line regardless of which database is configured to open by default. You can simply put the location of the database at the end of the command line in the shortcut properties.

See also New User Config.