Unable to create a database backup. Hard drive may be full.

If you get this error message then please do the following

  1. Do the troubleshooting steps especially Database Repair and updating to the latest version.
  2. Investigate the automatic backup configuration and test it after making each change to the configuration.
    1. Determine the location that HICSOAP is configured to use for automatic backup.
    2. Verify that the hard drive from the location determined in step #1 has plenty of space. Do the same for the C drive if that happens to be a different drive. You should have at least 1GB free.
    3. Verify that you have read/write privileges to that location.
    4. Try setting the backup location to a different location that you are 100% sure you have read/write access to, like your Desktop.
  3. Try making a manual backup. MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> BACKUP
  4. Put your current database to the side (by renaming it or moving it) and try the backup using a new, blank database.