Device or Resouces busy

At this point, we don't know what causes the "Device or Resources busy" error message. If you can figure out how to reliably cause the error message to occur that would be helpful - please email if do. Here are some things you could try - in each case making the change or changes and then waiting to see if the error message continues to appear.

  1. Maybe the error is related to the automatic backup - Disable the automatic backup. MAIN MENU -> PROGRAM & SURGEON SETUP -> ADVANCED SETTINGS tab : backup option
  2. Maybe it's related to your anti-virus software scanning the database file - Configure your anti-virus software by whitelisting the folder where the HicSoap database is located. MAIN MENU -> DATABASE : PATIENT DATABASE FILE
  3. Maybe it's related to connecting to the LENSTAR or IOLMASTER data - When not using the IOL MASTER or LENSTAR import, toggle off the import
  4. Maybe it's related to hiccups in networking - Only use HICSOAP from 1 computer - ideally the same computer where the database is located.