Unable to find database

When starting HICSOAP, you see this message...

After you click OK, you see this

There are numerous possible causes of this. The general TROUBLESHOOTING steps may help especially installing the latest version.

Specific to this problem, you could try....

The first thing you should do is determine what database file you have been using and where it's located. Read this and look at the part about the registry.

Then verify you can access this file using Windows Explorer. A likely cause of your problem is that your database file is located on a server and the networking is broken and locating the file will help verify that it is working OK.

Once you've confirmed the location of the databases file, click CONNECT TO AN EXISTING DATABASE above and click OK. You'll then be prompted to select the database.

So at this point, you have located and established a good connection to where your database was but it won't open or if it opens there are other problems. So we next want to get HICSOAP simply opening with a new blank/database. Click CREATE A NEW DATABASE and click SELECT DATABASE DIRECTORY AND FILENAME and click OK. Click to create a new database file in a logical location like C:\HICSOAPRO\DATA.

Then Restore your data from a backup. MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> RESTORE.