Unable to open file with exclusive access

When you try to do a database repair you get this error message. The most likely explanation is that HICSOAP is running on another workstation and is currently accessing the same database file that you are trying to repair. So simply close all other installations of HICSOAP.

If that doesn't fix it and you continue to get this message then the most likely explanation is that the server that is hosting the database file is "confused" thinking that something else is accessing it but there isn't. So in this case you should reboot the server. Most likely this will fix it. If it does not then there may be some program or service like security software or backup software running on the server that is actually accessing the database file that is preventing exclusive access.

Since HICSOAP is based on Microsoft Access database technology it depends on basic, Windows file sharing to facilitate multiple instances of HICSOAP accessing the same database file. This is in contrast to more sophisticated, modern database technology which has a separate server program (think Oracle or Microsoft SQL server). The lack of a separate, server program makes HICSOAP vulnerable to the limitations and short comings of Microsoft Windows file sharing.

On Windows you can determine what files are open via the COMPUTER MANAGEMENT program. The black square is there for privacy...you won't see it when you use the program.

It's entirely possible that a server expert could fix this without rebooting the whole server but I don't know what that would be. Maybe it's possible to stop and start the file sharing service? I did some Googling and found this discussion about open files which led me to this possibly relevant program. Not always but typically when I'm working with a customer I don't have direct access to the server so these approaches aren't relevant. And even if I did have access to the server it would make me uncomfortable to do these kinds of things when I know that simply rebooting will fix the problem.