Holladay Where

It can be confusing distinguishing between the use of the term HOLLADAY to refer to a formula and to a program. The program we sell and support, HICSOAP (Holladay IOL Consultant Software & Surgical Outcomes Assessment) PROFESSIONAL, uses a formula called the HOLLADAY II.

IOL Master 500 & 700: have the Holladay II Formula ONLY which is in the INSTRUMENT. The HICSOAP Software cannot be loaded on the INSTRUMENT as it does not have a "normal" Windows operating system.

LenStar : has a normal Windows operating system, so the HICSOAP Software can be installed on the Computer with the Instrument. The LenStar system does not not have access to the Holladay 2 Formula unless HICSOAP is installed. The LenStar company frequently pre-installs HICSOAP on the LenStar Workstation so that the USER can use it as a TRIAL VERSION for 30 days with a new unit. However, sometimes the installation of HICSOAP on the LenStar is unlocked (licensed) by LenStar and the customer is supposed to buy a new license. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and only after updating to a new version does this become obvious.