IOL Calc

What does the SEQ ref mean on the IOL Calculation report?

SEQ is the spheroequivalent power. For a spherical IOL it is the sphere, but for a Toric IOL it is the Sphere + ½ of the cylinder. The report always shows SEQ so that the recommended SEQ is the same for any patient independent of the Toricity chosen.

With the update on the Lenstar, we are experiencing that the IOL Calc Report is giving us the astigmatism (cylinder) power in a plus (+) instead of a minus (-). At this time we work with a minus (-) cylinder, so if this could please be changed back to that.

In SETUP on the SURGEON Piggy and Toric Lens Setup TAB, under TORIC CALC PREFERENCES change the radio button for RESIDUAL REFRACTION MODE to MINUS (-).