A question about Keratometry axis… The office currently has read-out on LENSTAR to reflect minus cylinder- axis from the Flat Meridian (K1). When data is transferred to HICSOAP for IOL calculation, is the data also reading in minus in HICSOAP? If not, is there a permanent setting in HICSOAP?

The FORMAT of the file exported to the IOL Consultant Program is K1, K2 and K1 Axis. The only place keratometric astigmatism is shown (Pic #1 below) is on the Toric PreOp Planner AND IT IS ALWAYS SHOWN IN PLUS CYLINDER, SO IT WILL ALWAYS BE AT THE STEEP AXIS TO BE PLUS. This cannot be changed, since the axis of a TORIC IOL is always at the STEEP AXIS. Only the cylinder of the REFRACTION can be changed from PLUS OR MINUS Cylinder, which is chosen on the TORIC LENS SETUP SCREEN (pic #2 below).