K vs R

There is something off with the imported data from the IOLMaster. The good thing is that it is there; but the values are being represented in a way that we can’t use. I indicated the problem in the attached picture. Before this, the values were listed as K’s (which are like 40-46 diopter) but now it is listed as R (radius) which is 8mm. They are equivalent; however, the R is not on certain printouts that we enter in that space so it needs to be changed.

The Software allows the USER to use either Ks or radii. If a keypunch error occurs and the values are near 7.5 mm then the Program thinks the USER is entering Ks. If surgical or post op data have not been entered you should be able to change it. I also noticed the ALTERNATE K button was ENABLED with Post RK or LASIK and this may have something to do with it if it is a bug.