Lens Procedure

I only use IOL master K's for IOL power calculations and do not repeat IOL master K's post-operatively. I do not like to calculate Toric IOLs or SIA from these K's. I use a different keratometer both pre-op and post-op for these purposes. Is there a way to input different K's for these different tasks? If not, the software will be forcing me to use less than idea measurements for task B because I need them for task A.

The simplest way to keep the Toric and Spherical IOLs separate is to make the "PROCEDURE" different. For example, name the Procedure “Toric Phaco” for the Toric IOLs. You many also want to make another SURGEON (example “Young Toric”), so that the IOLs are all Toric Models and the IOLs for “Young” are only spherical. This way they will remain separate and the Technician simply selects “Young” or “Young Toric” and the appropriate IOLs will come up automatically.

For the Toric IOLS, you would use the Toric Keratometer and everything would remain separate. The Personalized Lens Constant (PLC) would be correct for all IOLs and unmixed. Also, you would be able to calculate the SIA (SIRCS) by lens model & procedure specifically for that IOL and Procedure. Be sure to look at the SIA by PREOP K and POST OP REFRACTION (rather than delta K), because it takes into account posterior cornea and everything else (including systematic IOL tilt). So that the refraction is spherical (not just the Ks).