Is there any way to get a printout that gives me a summary of all our Doctors lenses and Aconstants?

Just save an extra copy of a Printout for each Dr of the IOL Calc. It has the current constant being used for EVERY ACTIVE LENS in the Active Lens List in case he has any questions

How do I get data from HICSOAP into my EMR?

read this

We are interested in seeing if we can pull a list of patients for the last year in these 3 different categories. If that is possible, can you provide instructions of how to do so?

  1. Post refractive surgery patients (since we do check that box)
  2. Patients with an axial length of less than 22
  3. Patients with an axial length of greater than 25

This is the purpose of the EXPORT BUTTON at the bottom of the FORMULA and LENS CONSTANT ANALYSIS SCREEN (pic #1 BELOW). Based on using ALL LENSES and the turning off ALL SELECTION CRITERIA (at bottom), you can get ALL CASES for a SURGEON to be EXPORTED to a FOLDER as a CSV file (comma separated variable) with ALL INPUT and OUTPUT VARIABLES. You may then OPEN the FILE with EXCEL and then SORT as needed (Post Op Ref surgery column AF), Axial Length (Column Z) etc. Details about the EXPORT FUNCTION are in the HELP SCREEN (pic #2 below).