Holladay R

Can you please tell me If I have Holladay R? I’m not sure what it is but my Doctor is looking for it.

On the IOL CALC SCREEN one of the FORMULAS is the Holladay R (Refractive). It calculates the IOL Power vertexed from the Spectacle Plane to the IOL Plane. This is helpful when you have a Refractive Surprise after CATARACT SURGERY. If you came out +3.00 D for the SEQ REFRACTION and the Holladay R showed +4.50 D for the equivalent IOL Power, then you would ADD +4.50 D to the CURRENT IOL and expect a plano refraction.

We have a post-LASIK patient who requires an IOL exchange, do we have access to your Holladay R program with our current Deluxe Holladay II Program?

Yes … put in the CURRENT REFRACTION (Surprise) on the PREOP SCREEN and on the IOL CALC SCREEN change the FORMULA to HOLLADAY R (REFRACTION). The resulting powers are the Power for a SECONDARD PIGGY BACK IOL or WHAT MUST BE ADDED TO THE CURRENT IOL POWER (example … if the original where a 22 D and the displayed power was +4.00, the resulting power would be 26.0 D.

I have a patient who will be having an IOL exchange on Monday. I need to do back calcs on that eye to see what lens power should have been used, but back calcs were previously done on that eye last year. Now I'm not sure what to do. Can you please help me with this?

You change the REFRACTION ON THE PREOP SCREEN to the current REFRACTIVE SURPRISE and then on the IOL CALC SCREEN CHANGE FORMULA to the HOLLADAY R (Refractive). The displayed values are the power of the SECONDARY PIGGY BACK and the POWER THAT MUST BE ADDED (or subtracted) TO THE CURRENT IOL. For example, if the result were + 5 D and the original IOL were +22 D, the result would be +27 D for the New IOL. The model must be the same as the original IOL.