Works automatically?

Yes … if you click the ADD/Edit Surgeons button on the MAIN SCREEN (below) and check the boxes for each surgeon it will do this automatically. For the full explanation click Help, WANG_KOCH AL modification on the INDEX and then Display, about half way down everything is discussed

I had a quick question on your recommendation for the formula to use for calculation IOLs. I typically use Holliday for nearly all my patients, however I was wondering if you had a formula to follow in regards to if the patient's axial length is long vs short, or the corneal is steep vs flat.

The H2 works well for everything, except for long eyes (over 25 mm) where it underestimates the IOL power resulting in hyperopia. This is the reason for the WANG/KOCH Adjustment which you can read about from the HELP and then WANG/KOCH (pic below). We have found the ADJUSTMENT to be slightly aggressive so that you should run it with and without the WANG/KOCH and pick the IOL about half way between.

I am unable to click on the Wang/Koch adjustment box.

There are two possible explanations. One is that the axial length is in the Ultrasound (not optical box) and it is only for optical. The second possibility is that the Wang/Koch adjustment is turned off for that surgeon.

To Enable

To enable Wang-Kock for a surgeon click ADD/EDIT SURGEONS on the MAIN MENU and then check the boxes. You should always use the Holladay 2 with all of the data and the Wang-Koch adjustment will correct axial lengths over 25.0 mm only.