New Windows user config

If multiple users (Windows profiles) on a Windows workstation want to use HicSoap, then HicSoap needs to be configured for each user. This can be annoying especially when you can't predict who will use it or if Windows Users created in the future want to use HicSoap. This is similar to the problem of different network users. Besides the method described on that page of hacking the registry with a batch file, it's also possible to specify the database to be used on the command line. So this command line could be put in a shortcut that is made accessible to all users. For example, it could be stored on a shared network folder share.

In the screenshot below, you can see that the target is configured such that double clicking the Hic Soap Professional icon will start HICSOAP and load the C:\HicSoapPro\Data\MyDatabase.hdf database regardless of what the default database is set to.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Holladay\HicSoapPro\HicPro.exe" C:\HicSoapPro\Data\MyDatabase.hdf