Excluded Cases

Problem: We need to run a report for patients that were excluded for keratoconus. We tried to generate a report but it groups all excluded patients into “pre-op pathology”. Can we generate a report selecting only keratoconus excluded patients?

Solution: This is the purpose of the EXPORT BUTTON on the FORMULA AND LENS CONSTANT ANALYSIS SCREEN.

  1. First, you click the SELECTION CRITERIA BUTTON
  2. Then you click the 2nd radio button and the selection criteria you want … EXCLUDE EVERYTHING EXCEPT PREOP PATHOLOGY.
  3. Click EXPORT BUTTON and it will ask you what NAME (*.csv) and where you want to put the FILE (what folder).
  4. The FILE will be a CSV FILE that you can open with EXCEL and the ALL of the PATIENTS with PREOP PATHOLOGY will be shown.
  5. You may then SORT on the PREOP PATHOLOGY COLUMN and all of the KERATOCONUS PATIENTS will be together.