Why no PLC?

Possible causes of the PLC not being calculated are

  1. The most obvious and common reason is that not enough pre/post op data has been entered. One possibel cause of this is that you are not working with the database of patients that you think you are. Confirm which database you are working with and the number of patients in your database.
  2. PLC calculation is only done when the program starts. So if you leave the program running continuously that could cause it not to calculate PLC.
  3. There is a separate PLC for U/S and optical. Data is entered in Optical boxes instead or U/S or vice-versa relative to which one it should be entered in.
  4. You aren't looking at active IOLs
  5. Cases are being excluded and those causes aren't being dealt with. In the SOAP section you can click on the EXCLUDED CASES button to see which cases are excluded.