Block Internet

Question: What will happen if my network admin blocks HICSOAP's access to the internet?

HICSOAP does not need internet access and there are only 2 things it uses the internet for. Both of which can be accomodated through manual means. The two things are updates to the program and access to the online customer database.

On the MAIN MENU, a button will appear on the bottom recommending upgrading to the latest version if a newer version is available. If HICSOAP does not have internet access then it cannot determine if there is a new version available and it cannot install an update automatically. But you can manually update the program.

Access to the online customer database facilitates unlocking the program and updating the subscription status.

After installing HICSOAP for the first time on a computer, it's necessary to email us your registration number to request an unlock key. After receiving a registration number we will update our customer database accordingly. HICSOAP will try via the internet to get the unlock itself by asking if an unlock key for its registration number has been generated yet. If so then it will unlock itself and it will not be necessary it to be typed in. But if internet access is blocked this obviously can't happen and the unlock key must be entered manually.

In the upper right-hand corner of HICSOAP's MAIN MENU, the current status of your support subscription is displayed. After purchasing support, HICSOAP will connect to our customer database via the internet and determine that support has been purchased and will then update the expiration date of support accordingly. If internet access is blocked this can't happen. You can make HICSOAP aware of your support subscription purchase manually.

n.b. Access to the network and access to the internet are different things. If you want HICSOAP to access a database on a shared folder on a server on your network, then it will obviously need access to the network. This is a separate and different but related question to whether it has access to the internet.