Network Troubleshooting

Of the many troubleshooting steps for any problem, the ones more relevant to networking are

  1. File Permissions - Verify that all users that are using HICSOAP have full read/write permissions on the .hdf database file and the folder in which it is located. You can do this by creating a simple text file in the associated folder and/or temporarily remaining the database file. File permission issues are a common cause of networking issues and shouldn't simply be assumed to be OK.
  2. Verify that all installations are running the latest version of PROFESSIONAL (not Deluxe). If not then please update to the latest.
  3. Verify that each installation is accessing the same database file.
  4. Reboot all associated computers.
  5. Network Speed test
  6. Problems can be caused by backup software. See if there are any Volume Shadow Copies scheduled to run at a certain time.