Server Change

If you follow these networking instructions and have the HICSOAP database file stored on a server then this is how you change servers.

So the setup is

  • database file (.hdf) is stored on a shared folder on the old server
  • HICSOAP is installed on workstations
  • HICSOAP is not installed on either server

So the steps to change servers are

  1. Backup the database file. Just in case.
  2. On one of the workstations, run HICSOAP and identify the database file.
  3. Close HICSOAP on all workstations.
  4. Copy the database file determined in step 1 to the new server and place it in a shared folder.
  5. Do something to prevent the HICSOAP installations from being able to access the database file on the old server. Possibilities include
    1. renaming the database file
    2. deteling the database file
    3. moving the database file
    4. stop sharing the folder on the network
  6. On each workstation start HICSOAP. It will complain about not being able to access the database file. Click to open it in its new location on the new server.
  7. Verify that the database file that is being opened on each workstation is the exact same.