Server New User Config

In a Terminal Server or Citrix Server environment, when a user runs HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL for the first time, it starts with the default configuration. This means that it will not connect to the database that has been used and has all the data unless, of course, the user is savvy enough to configure the program appropriately. Although HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL works in Terminal/Citrix environment it has not been engineered for such an environment and therefore there is no built-in way to pre-configure the program.

Here are ways to address this issue.

  1. Manually... when a user uses HICSOAP for the first time they need to configure HICSOAP where to find the database.
  2. Specify the database on the command line of the shortcut. You can simply put the location of the database at the end of the command line. And then have all the users get that particular shortcut.
  3. Configure the program via the registry. You can hack the default database configuration if you are willing to create a script to modify the registry. Look at the place that the registry stores the database. (look at the bottom of that page). This information can be used to facilitate a new user in a Citrix/Terminal environment getting access to the correct database automatically.
  4. The third option is just like #2 except using a Group Policy. Here is a screenshot of a Group Policy that was created for a Citrix Environment.