Duplicate Patients

Starting in late 2016, HICSOAP can find duplicate patients. Your options for dealing with this are

  1. Ignore it - As long as you don't get confused as to which one of the duplicates you want to use then it's not a problem. Obviously it would be fairly easy to get confused as to which one of the duplicates is the one that you should be using so this is not recommended.
  2. Merge patients - Unfortunately, this is not currently possible.
  3. Delete all but one of the duplicates and re-enter any data that you want to keep in the remaining patient. This requires you get print-outs or screenshots of the patient data before you delete it.

In most cases, there is a duplicate patient with the vast majority of the relevant patient data. And the other duplicates have very little if any information associated with them. In these cases, option 3 (deleting) is pretty easy.