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Customer Question: I see that the Toric IOL Preop Report now asks for SIA Axis? How would we know what number to put in when the doctor’s SIA for the right is .55 and the left is .62?

Dr.'s answer: (posted October 2018) We have an article coming out in JCRS in the next few months that will explain everything in detail, but for now here is the short answer.

If your Dr. uses anything near a temporal small incision, you should check the BOX SHOWN BELOW and let the Software determine the SIA (Surgically determine astigmatism). What the article will show is that it not only depends on the location of the incision but the magnitude and axis of the corneal astigmatism. In general, for PREOP With the Rule (WTR) the SIA is about 0.7 D against the rule (ATR) and for PREOP ATR it is about 0.1 WTR … similar to the Baylor Nomogram, but much different than most Drs think.

Even if he operates somewhere else, these values are best.