Add lens

If the lens you want to use is not in the lens database then you can add it manually. To do so, from the MAIN MENU, click PROGRAM & SURGEON SETUP, click SURGEON LENS SETUP tab, and then click ADD LENS NOT IN DATABASE.

  • The lens database gets updated via updates to the whole program so please install the latest update before deciding to add a custom lens.
  • Use the SEARCH button to verify that the lens you want isn't there.
  • I recommend you name the lens in such a way that it is guaranteed to not have the same name that we might use if we were to add it to the database in the future. So if your clinic was "Eye Specialists" and the lens was SX23 then naming it ES_sx23 would be a good name.


If you add a lens that is Toric then click EDIT TORIC LIST, ciick ADD, and then you TYPE IN the NAME like VivinexT0 and 0.00D toricity, then VivinexT3 with 1.50D, etc. until you have entered all of the Toric Powers (~ power at the cornea is automatically populated). We usually skip T1 and T2, so that if lower Toric powers are approved there will be room.