Make Example Surgeon Real

This is necessary as of October 2018. The developer says that he is working on making this easier.

HICSOAP ships with example data which can be toggled on (made visible) in the PATIENT LOCATOR screen.

The intention was that the example data which includes example surgeons would not be used or modified. It's just there to give a sense of how the program works. If you want to use the program, a new surgeon should be added and new patients. But in some cases, instead of adding a new surgeon, an example surgeon was re-purposed and re-named by a customer. So, for example, "Example Surgeon 1" would be renamed to "Dr Andrew Bartelt" and then Dr Bartelt would use that surgeon. The problem is that if the example data is toggled OFF, Dr. Bartelt disappears from the program since under the hood the program considers him an example surgeon. To get around this, the following registry hack can be made. Create a fixExample.reg file with the following contents and double click it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\4N Systems\HicPro\Private]"EnablePrivateSettings"=dword:00000001"ExampleSurgeonsAreNormal"=dword:00000001