Corrupted Database

You experience symptoms indicating your database is corrupted including

  • hicsoap doesn't work properly

  • hicsoap crashes, freezes

  • you can't do a database repair

  • a Deep Database repair does not help or work

At this point, it's probably accurate to conclude the database is corrupted but please try the troubleshooting steps first. So you determine that your database is corrupted. You have 2 options - you can either restore a backup or start over with an empty database.

So you should

  1. Determine the name of the current database file.

  2. Close HICSOAP

  3. rename the database file from something like FileName to FileNameCorrupted2021-May-5

  4. start HICSOAP - it will complain because it can't find its database. Click to create a new database.

  5. Get all installations up and running with the empty database.

  6. Then you can try restoring from a backup or you can start over with an empty database which is not as bad as it sounds. The catch with restoring from a backup is you don't know when the database was corrupted.