Fully Uninstall

To fully uninstall when perhaps there is a problem and you want to uninstall and then re-install, here is how to uninstall.

  1. Backup your data and move the backup file to another computer or USB flash drive.

  2. If the current installation is working, then do a REGISTRATION REMOVAL and email the registration removal code to support@hicsoap.com.

  3. Use Windows built-in facility for uninstalling programs to uninstall all versions of HICSOAP.

  4. Delete the following folders (or move them to another folder like move all the folders to c:\HicSoapOld)

    • c:\HicsoapPro

    • %programdata%\HicSoapPro\

    • %appdata%\HicSoapPro\

    • c:\Program Files (x86)\Holladay

    • %programdata%\4NSystems which is typically c:\ProgramData\4NSystems

  5. Delete the registry key - MY Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\4N Systems

  6. Delete all all associated shortcuts on the DESKTOP....which are typically named HICSOAP.