Missing Data

Problem: You are missing data in your database.

The way to restore the data depends on what happened to make it disappear. The possibilities include

  1. The data is actually there in the program but you do not know how to access it. With regards to patient data, this frequently happens when you go over the threshold number of patients that prevents all of them from being listed. When this happens, it's necessary to filter the patient list by typing some information like LAST NAME.
  2. Somehow you started using a different, possibly blank database. Are there any patients already in the database, i.e. are all patients missing or just some? The database with the data you want is on your system somewhere. You just need to find and configure HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL to use it. This frequently happens when the database is on a different computer and a hiccup in the networking causes a disconnect. Search all computers for files ending in ".hdf" and determine if it's the database that you used to use. You can look at the database temporarily via MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> OPEN. Once you find the database you can configure HICSOAP to use it permanently. (MAIN MENU -> PROGRAM & SURGEON SETUP -> ADVANCED TAB)
  3. There is a corruption in your database. In which case a database repair (MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> REPAIR) is a good start. If it's very corrupted, you'll need to restore from a backup. (MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> RESTORE)
  4. You set the database by using MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> OPEN DATABASE instead of MAIN MENU -> ADVANCED tab : CURRENT DATABASE FILE and therefore the database change is only temporary. And then when you close and open HICSOAP again, HICSOAP reverts to the database without the data you just entered. Read this.