No Patient Data

Question: I open the program, HICSOAP, and there is no patient data.

Answer: All data (patients, surgeons, pre-op data, post-op data, lenses, etc) is stored in 1 file ending in "hdf". By default that file is "c:\HicSoapPro\Data\HicDatabase.hdf". You can determine the database file that you are working with by MAIN MENU-> DATABASE-> see PATIENT DATABASE FILE at top left of the screen. If you had data and now you don't then you working with an empty/blank/new database file and most likely somewhere on your system or on your network there is another HDF database file that has your data. The other possibility, of course, is that the HDF file with you data has been deleted or corrupted.

If you can find the HDF file then you can simply configure HICSOAP to use it.

Otherwise you can follow these data recovery steps.