Answers to these questions will help HICSOAP support figure out how to help you. We appreciate your efforts to collect this information .Please email your answers to

1. How many computers have HICSOAP installed?

2. What version is is each workstation running? For example, PROFESSIONAL 2018.0920

3. What version of Windows is each workstation running? If Windows 10, please include build number. For all versions of Windows, you can

    1. Click the Windows START button
    2. type winver
    3. hit ENTER

In Windows 10, you can also

    1. Go to SETTINGS (Click START button, click Settings which looks like a gear or sprocket)
    2. Click SYSTEM
    3. Click ABOUT (in lower-left hard corner)

For example,

4. Where is your database stored? For example \\server3\Data\HicSoapPro\Data\HicDatabase.hdf

5. If your database is stored on a server, what server operating system are you running. For example, Windows Server 2012 r2. You can determine this information with the winver command like Question #3.