Start Over

If you lose your database and all of your backups or if your database is corrupted and you don't want to use it then you need to start over with a blank database. If you never entered post-op data or didn't enter enough to generate PLCs then starting over with an empty database will allow you to generate the same calculations as you would have if you hadn't lost your data. However, if you had entered enough post-op to generate PLCs then losing your database is alarming. However, you can mitigate the disaster by entering past PLCs as SRGs (surgeon constants). And this actually is a pretty good solution. So the steps would be

  1. Get started like it's a brand new setup.
  2. Find your PLCs on old print-outs of possible lenses to use in surgery.
  3. Enter those PLCs as SRGs.

Then continue to enter pre and post-op data and once you have entered enough then the program will once again generate PLCs which will take priority over the SRGs.