A client reported .... "I launched HicSoap Pro today and was advised of a newer version. I clicked to download and install, then saw the following screens generated by my Symantec Endpoint Cloud virus protection app..."

Essentially Symantec is reporting that our program is infected with a virus.

Norton is quite aggressive in flagging programs as virus. We had to contact them several times to have them add our program in their 'good list' and they do it, at least for a while. I think their algorithm gets 'confused' since we change the setup program name to include the version number. We are trying to figure this one out, but I am not sure we have a good solution yet.

So, in conclusion, this report from Symantec is a false positive, i.e. Symantec reports it as a virus but it isn't. Of course, that doesn't mean that our program or your computer couldn't be infected by virus which infects our "hicpro.exe" program. So if your security software reports a problem, it's recommended you consult your IT professional.