Uninstall One Version

If you have HICSOAP already installed and running and you install a new version that you discover doesn't work well then you have 2 ways to revert to an older version.

The first approach is to leave the new version installed and simply create a shortcut on the Desktop to an older version.

Each time you install a new version of HICSOAP. the older versions are not removed. Each version is is stored in a separate folder. The second approach is to fully remove the newly installed version so that the existing HICSOAP shortcut on the Desktop works to run the older, working version. To do this

  1. Determine the version of the newly installed version that you want to remove. For this example let's call it version 2050.0203.
  2. Simply delete folder c:\Program Files (x86)\Holladay\HicSoapPro\v2050.0203\

Now the normal HICSOAP shortcut on the Desktop will run the previously installed version.