If your computer is connected to the internet and you are using PROFESSIONAL (not STANDARD), it may automatically unlock itself. Basically the program connects over the internet and asks whether an unlock key (associated with a current subscription) has been generated yet for its registration number and if it has then it automatically unlocks itself. It sometimes takes 24 hours to do this, so in the meantime it asks for an unlock key. If this occurs, you can ask for a new unlock key manually by emailing us your current Registration Number. This can be confusing because frequently you are expecting to have to manually enter the unlock key and then frequently the software goes and takes care of things on its own.

In general, if the software doesn't ask for an unlock key then it doesn't need one. To verify everything is OK, you should check the installation version (MAIN MENU upper left-hand corner) and expiration date (MAIN MENU upper right-hand corner). If both of those show that you are using the latest version and your expiration date is in the future then you are fine.