Unlock Expires

Installations never expire. If you have installed and unlocked an installation of HICSOAP it will work forever. What does expire is your unlock code which affects your ability to install new versions.

Before the mandatory support program, your unlock code would continue to work in the background so that when you updated your installation by installing the newest release, it would continued to be unlocked. To enforce the requirement that you have a support subscription to install new releases, the underlying unlock system has been modified so that that the unlock code has an expiration date.

So in this screenshot, the expiration date doesn't refer to the running program. It refers to the unlock code and support subscription. This installation if it is not updated will continue to work forever. However, if a 2016 edition is installed then it will not work because the unlock code expires on January 1, 2016. So when a 2016 edition is released and this customer has purchased a support subscription, they can request a new unlock code. This new unlock code would have an expiration date of 1/1/2017 and it would enable them to install all versions released in 2016. In many cases after renewing support it will not be necessary to manually request a new unlock code. HICSOAP attempts to update its subscription status over the internet and in many cases will update automatically to reflect your purchase of a renewal of support.