Without a current support subscription can I get an unlock code?

Since an unlock code is necessary to use HICSOAP past the 30 day free trial period, the question could have been equivalently stated as - Without a current support subscription can I install and use a new installation of HICSOAP?

Yes. The installation that you are requesting an unlock code for has a version number which is the date it was released. You previously had a support subscription over a certain date range. Most but not all customers buy support to cover a calendar year. If the version number (release date) lies within the time you had support or if it is before January 1, 2015 then you can request and get an unlock code.

What you can't do is get an unlock code for a version that was released after January 1, 2015 during a time that you didn't have support.

So if you paid for support in 2016, you can always get an unlock code for the last version released with a 2016 version number in subsequent years even if you don't continue to pay for support. If you never paid for support after the switch to the new support subscription starting January 2015 then you can get an unlock code for 2014 (or earlier) versions.