Update - Should I?

For instructions about how to update HICSOAP please read this.

The question is - if there is an update available, should you install it? The answer is YES but be smart about it. The updates contain bug fixes and therefore are important for you to install. We include the release date in the version number of the new release. For example, version 2013_0601 was released June 1, 2013. We do test each new update before we release but like any software there can be problems with the update. So I recommend that you be smart about installing the update. That means

  1. Wait at least a week after the release date to install.
  2. Install it at a time that affords you some time to deal with any potential problems

Consequences of Support Subscription

Starting January 1, 2015 using updates released after January 1, 2015 requires a support subscription. So it is possible to not have a support subscription and install the update but then you won't be able to use your software any more. So please be careful and purchase a support subscription.