Update doesn't update

After installing the latest version, you may notice that when you run the program that it's still the old version - it was never updated. Prior to December 2014, when you installed a newer version it would completely replace the previously installed version. However, starting December 2014 in preparation for the new subscription policy, the old version is left in place. Hence, after installing the new version, it's possible to still run the old version. So some effort may be necessary to run the new version instead of the old. Some possible causes of the new version not running are

  1. The shortcuts on the DESKTOP point to an older version.

  2. The program regardless of whether you have paid for support, does NOT think you have paid for support and therefore refuses to run the new version you just installed and is defaulting back to the previous version.

So to fix it,

  1. Delete all HicSOAP shortcuts and icons on the Desktop and TaskBar.

  2. In the Windows START menu find the program "HicSoapPro Latest Version" and copy that shortcut to the DESKTOP. Once things are working you can simply click (or double click) that icon normally but for now, please right-click it and seletect RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. Using that shortcut will guarantee that you get the latest installed version when you run it.

3. After running the latest version shortcut, HICSOAP might complain about the licensing. Read this.