Installed update with support but HICSOAP does does not know you have a support subscription

After installing an update and running the new version for the first time you are notified that the new release requires a support subscription and that your support subscription has expired.

So assuming that you have a current support subscription, this new install "should" work.

What is supposed to happen in the case of updating a computer with a working installation of HICSOAP is that HICSOAP

  1. connects to our customer database over the internet to check to determine if you have a support Subscription and when it expires
  2. compares the expiration date of your support subscription to the version number (release date) of the newly installed version
  3. determines if the Version is within the expiration date of the subscription

If all of that is true then HICSOAP automatically allows the new version to run. However this doesn't always happen smoothly. For example, if you don't have internet access this won't work.

So the problem is that even though you purchased a support subscription your installation does not know that. The way this can be communicated to your installation is via a new unlock code. In the screenshot above, if you select RUN LATEST VERSION and then click OK, you will be give a registration number. Please email your registration number and information so that your subscription information can be found in our customer database. We will then send you a new unlock code. If you aren't prompted to enter a new unlock code, you can do it this way.