This page discusses upcoming updates and current issues that are time sensitive. That is months after the information is posted it may no longer be relevant or it may just become obvious. To update your installation read this.


The Vivity IOL from Alcon is in the latest version 2020.1123 release. It is named DATx15Tx as shown below. The DAT015T0 is the Non Toric (spherical) IOL


Our understanding is that Zeiss will be upgrading the software on the IOL MASTER 700 to measure not only the front of the cornea but the back as well. Measuring only the front of the cornea gives a STANDARD K measurement. Measuring the back also gives a TOTAL K measurement. The back of the cornea only contributes about 10% to the "calculations" so in the past assumptions were made about the back based on the measurement of the front. Like all assumptions it was not exact and by actually measuring the back, the calculations can be more exact.

The first update from Zeiss which will measure the back of the cornea will allow the user to determine the Total K from the IOL MASTER device. Subsequent updates will export the total K measurements so that HICSOAP can import it. But for a time the IOL MASTER 700 will measure total K but it will not be exported and therefore not imported into HICSOAP. During this time, you can simply manually enter it.

Using total K gives better results for toric calculations.

This is explained much better by Dr. Holladay in the What's New pop-up screen when you start HICSOAP.