There are two ways to use PayPal to pay for our product (and for most other things on the internet using PayPal for that matter)

  1. You have a PayPal account which stores your payment information (bank accounts, credit card information, etc). And when you login to PayPal and request that PayPal pay on your behalf, PayPal uses that information to pay.
  2. As a simple payment processor. This requires typing in your credit card information. There is no PayPal account in this scenario. PayPal doesn't store information about you.

Some customers complain about the payment process claiming that they can't use PayPal. I understand that in the context of #1 above because not everyone wants PayPal to have their payment information. But I don't understand it with regards to #2. If you object to #2 then every time you use your credit card to buy something in person you logically must ask the store if they use PayPal to process credit cards because you don't like PayPal. This would apply at coffee shops or dollar stores. This isn't an impossible point of view to maintain but in my experience observing people in this world, it's not an approach that anyone takes.

Here is how to use PayPal to process your credit card without using or creating a PayPal account. Use to buy and complete the purchasing wizard walk through. You are then presented with the following screen which provides an obvious button to pay without creating or using a PayPal account.

Paypal like most companies changes their interface over time so this screenshot may not be currently accurate. But if you look, you should be able to find an option to pay via credit card without creating an account

Paying in this manner is (in my opinion) no more or less secure than paying for a meal at a restaurant with a credit card. The restaurant uses a company to process the credit card just as Holladay Software uses a company (called PayPal) to process credit card payments.